Individual Sessions:

Together we will determine what type of skill development will be most beneficial for your child. Areas covered can include reading, writing, math, science, or study skills. We will establish a weekly schedule for sessions and independent practice. $30-$50/hr

Writing Circles:

Your child can invite up to four friends to create a writing circle. Each writer in the group will start a writer’s notebook and we will discuss how writers use their notebooks to gather ideas and capture thoughts. I will provide daily writing prompts to the participants and we will meet weekly to share from our notebooks. Writing circles typically last six weeks. $25/child/hr

Book Clubs:

Your child can invite up to four friends to join them in a book club that will meet once each week. We will choose the book together and I will facilitate our weekly discussion. Book clubs typically last six weeks. $25/child/hr

Science and Nature Journaling:

Using the John Muir Laws curriculum, we will create nature journals to capture the beauty surrounding us. This could be done with a group of friends or individually. $25/child/hr for a group or $25-$50/hr for individuals.

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